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Total Cases: 42,373,736
Recovered: 31,363,766
Deaths: 1,147,231

U.S. Virgin Islands: coronavirus statistics

Current data 24.10.2020

0 Total Cases
0 Active Cases
0 Recovered
0 Deaths

Coronavirus dynamics chart in U.S. Virgin Islands

As of 24.10.2020, cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in U.S. Virgin Islands. Another 0 cases were recorded today. During the last week the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in U.S. Virgin Islands increased by 0.

Dynamics of recovering from COVID-19 in U.S. Virgin Islands

There are people completely cured of coronavirus in U.S. Virgin Islands. Today, 24.10.2020, 0 more people were discharged from hospitals. In the conditions of coronavirus pandemic all medical services in U.S. Virgin Islands are focused on the fight against this infection, due to their work only in the last week 0 people were cured.

Deaths from coronavirus in U.S. Virgin Islands

Already 0 people died from coronavirus in U.S. Virgin Islands (data 24.10.2020). In the last day the number of the dead increased by 0. During the last week of the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 has killed 0 people in U.S. Virgin Islands.

total_20200324 => 17 total_20200325 => 17
42,373,736 +1,592 Total Cases
9,862,739 +1,377 Active Cases
9,786,817 99.2% In mild condition
75,922 0.8% Serious or Critical
32,510,997 +215 Cases with outcome
31,363,766 +198 Recovered
1,147,231 +17 Deaths